Defined in tensorflow/python/ops/

See the guide: Variables > Sparse Variable Updates

Masks elements of IndexedSlices.

Given an IndexedSlices instance a, returns another IndexedSlices that contains a subset of the slices of a. Only the slices at indices not specified in mask_indices are returned.

This is useful when you need to extract a subset of slices in an IndexedSlices object.

For example:

.html# `a` contains slices at indices [12, 26, 37, 45] from a large tensor
.html# with shape [1000, 10]
a.indices  .html# [12, 26, 37, 45]
tf.shape(a.values)  .html# [4, 10]

.html# `b` will be the subset of `a` slices at its second and third indices, so
.html# we want to mask its first and last indices (which are at absolute
.html# indices 12, 45)
b = tf.sparse_mask(a, [12, 45])

b.indices  .html# [26, 37]
tf.shape(b.values)  .html# [2, 10]


  • a: An IndexedSlices instance.
  • mask_indices: Indices of elements to mask.
  • name: A name for the operation (optional).


The masked IndexedSlices instance.