Module: tf.distributions

Defined in tensorflow/tools/api/generator/api/distributions/

Imports for Python API.

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bijectors module: Imports for Python API.


class Bernoulli: Bernoulli distribution.

class Beta: Beta distribution.

class Categorical: Categorical distribution.

class Dirichlet: Dirichlet distribution.

class DirichletMultinomial: Dirichlet-Multinomial compound distribution.

class Distribution: A generic probability distribution base class.

class Exponential: Exponential distribution.

class Gamma: Gamma distribution.

class Laplace: The Laplace distribution with location loc and scale parameters.

class Multinomial: Multinomial distribution.

class Normal: The Normal distribution with location loc and scale parameters.

class RegisterKL: Decorator to register a KL divergence implementation function.

class ReparameterizationType: Instances of this class represent how sampling is reparameterized.

class StudentT: Student's t-distribution.

class Uniform: Uniform distribution with low and high parameters.


kl_divergence(...): Get the KL-divergence KL(distribution_a || distribution_b).

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