Defined in tensorflow/contrib/framework/python/ops/

See the guide: Framework (contrib) > Arg_Scope

Stores the default arguments for the given set of list_ops.

For usage, please see examples at top of the file.


  • list_ops_or_scope: List or tuple of operations to set argument scope for or a dictionary containing the current scope. When list_ops_or_scope is a dict, kwargs must be empty. When list_ops_or_scope is a list or tuple, then every op in it need to be decorated with @add_arg_scope to work.
  • **kwargs: keyword=value that will define the defaults for each op in list_ops. All the ops need to accept the given set of arguments.


the current_scope, which is a dictionary of {op: {arg: value}}


  • TypeError: if list_ops is not a list or a tuple.
  • ValueError: if any op in list_ops has not be decorated with @add_arg_scope.